Bryan C. Price, Ph.D.

Working Papers

"Duty, Honor, ... Party? Why Military Experience Does Not Matter in Congressional Use-of-Force Voting" This paper examines how the decline of military veterans serving in Congress has affected decisions regarding the use of force (UOF). It features an original dataset of UOF roll call votes from both realpolitik and interventionist crises from the 102-107th Congresses. It is a departure from previous work in that it examines how variation in military experience (combat vs. peacetime experience and officer vs. enlisted) influences veteran UOF voting. Although there is modest support that military officers vote differently than enlisted veterans, the results show that military experience does not matter in UOF voting, especially after controlling for party identification. 
"The Other Epidemiological Approach to Counterterrorism: What U.S. Counterterrorism Policymakers Can Learn from Cancer Research"
"When Leaderless is Meaningless (and When it Matters): An Organizational Typology on Leadership Decapitation"
"It's the Student, Stupid! Testing Lowman's Sources of Influence on College Student Learning"
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